Hope you’re having a nice day . After pulled all nighters, really need to eat so…

Hope you’re having a nice day🍍🌕🍍
After pulled all nighters, really need to eat something big. Yes, took one box per one with a good beverage.
Too much? Well, while enjoying film works, forgetting about even the drinks is bound to happen. When done, stomach is likely to become a wild card!
Eat a real fried chicken, which means no chicken breast with skin. Normally, we did not even fry chicken at all, so this is quite a rare case. Still, it’s with whey isolate as well as flour. I guess it’s worth a try in case I have this flavorful batch of fried chicken rather than grilled meat(烤肉). Anyway, grilling indoor is too soon for us.
Inspired by Fermented Tofu Chicken(豆乳雞), basic Taiwanese deep fried chicken cutlet(雞排) and usual popular Chinese stir fry dishes in some ways. Specifically in the taste of sauce and the method of flavoring, that’s one of reasons I did not take the diction of 炸雞 for an inspirational motivation of this.
Made from buttermilk, whey isolate, ordinary flour, arrowroot flour, 4 lbs skin on chicken,  Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, canola oil, paprika, onion powdered, ground sage, a bit of ground tarragon, grated oval Kumquat(金桔), grated pineapple(鳳梨), dried parsley and dried basil leaves, Allulose and Stevia.
Chicken should be marinated with buttermilk. Also, deep fried in very first time, and then added sauce by way of making layers over a few times. After oven finished step, lastly dried parsley and dried basil leaves gave a tiny kick. And then, served!
This dish was sweet and sour. But it’s no refined sugar added version, which means it had no (High Fructose) Corn Syrup. So, not same as sticky chicken at all.
Plus, it’s with whey isolate so that it would be healthier than ordinary fried chicken. To top it off, it’s likely to get chicken more crispy outside softer inside.
For these reasons, unlike typically famous and popular Chinese dishes, this chicken has yet clearer taste. Full of flavor and hardly get tired. A big batch of savoriness, right for a holiday.
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16 thoughts on “Hope you’re having a nice day . After pulled all nighters, really need to eat so…

  1. Even though no presence in the pictures, l had this chicken with cool Hibiscus tea instead of zero coke. It does pair with this chicken. On that, It’s quite famous and popular for many people because it might as well be helpful for blood sugar, roughly speaking. It’s up to your diabetes type in detail, but you could give it a shot. As a side, It’s a favorite tea of mine because actually do work for me. Probably it would work for you too. Usually I use 4g to 6g ground Hibiscus flowers to about a cup, roughly 210g to 230g water. If it’s pretty much new to you, it might be better to start 1g to 2g of ground Hibiscus.

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