01-AUG~17-OCT-18 (33) Matsu Islands(馬祖列島) Songshan Airport~Beigan Airport~Mabiwa…

(33) Matsu Islands(馬祖列島)
Songshan Airport~Beigan Airport~Mabiwan Waterfront Park~War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
I’m going to post about this Matsu(馬祖) traveling without explicit pictures of military facilities preferably. There are so many sensitive places to take a photo in Matsu, even now. Photography is prohibited in many famous tourism spots. It’s needed to take an additional permission.
All the other views and landscapes will be there. I hope the tendency of these postings just can get clear.
Given that, I’d like to start it by clarifying a few points.
Have you heard about Mazu(媽祖)? Mazu is the goddness of the sea and protector of mariners. Mostly considered as a very primary Fujianese shamaness, there are many derivations from Mazu.
Given the foundation of Taiwanese ethos, Mazu is one of key prerequisites for a good comprehension.
The challenge that Hakka(客家) immigrants were first confronted with when they crossed the Taiwan Strait was the menacing sea. Besides the spiritual faiths originally held by the Hakka people, Mazu, the goddess that guards fishermen, also became a source of spiritual support for the Hakka Immigrants. This Goddess is of great importance in Hakka settlements.
Also, the Kings of Three Mountain(三山國王) is very significant to build a good algorithms for a nice Mixed-Appreciation.
As for Kings of the Three Mountain, originally it’s find their origin in the regional faith of Chaozhou in Guangdong Province, China. Eventually, they became a source of spiritual ground for Hakka immigrants in Taiwan.
Probably it might be expected that sort of conflict between Mazu and Kings of the Three Mountain, most of all it does not work like that. Even though regional differences make various features in detail, anyway, these two keywords of spiritual faith took root in the Taiwanese ethos. Practically, It’s the matter of blend ratio. That’s one of reasons there are not only many temples but also many noticeable variations.
For example, you can find temples for ‘Seawater Kings of Three Mountain’ in Tainan(台南) seaside. Sea Salt, Salt Wind, and so on.
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10 thoughts on “01-AUG~17-OCT-18 (33) Matsu Islands(馬祖列島) Songshan Airport~Beigan Airport~Mabiwa…

  1. Otherwise, you can find temples for Flame Mazu, Cave Mazu and Hot Spring Mazu in Tainan mountain area. You already can seize the whole point. Most of all, not that famous to be compiled as the main stops of big Mazu Pilgrimages, still there are in right there. Besides with interesting folklore stories.
    Get to the point, clearly Matsu Islands are deeply related with Mazu. Cultural settings, environmental conditions, all counted history, etc. But it does not mean it’s far away from Kings of Three Mountain. At the same time, it’s with more unique and fresh ‘stories’, I guess the expression of tales should be for Kinmen(金門) rather than Matsu, compared to the other cases. Not only the main island of Taiwan but also other islands of Taiwan, I mean.
    Roughly speaking, First, there is distinctive gap between Matsu and the others. I’m not going to explain too deep, but it’s about cultural footing matter. Secondly, extreme environment relatively. For these reasons, Matsu has been famous for quite individual vibes.
    Simply, for special architecture, you can already notice remarkable typography of letter M from shots. Those designated features is the most famous icon of Matsu because It’s a good signification for windproof roof design in Matsu.
    I hope all these posts would be a good chance to be aware of many aspects of Taiwan.

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