01-AUG~17-OCT-18 (32) Huadong Valley(花東縱谷)~Taipei(台北) 1. Hualien • Fuli(富里) The …

(32) Huadong Valley(花東縱谷)~Taipei(台北)
1. Hualien
• Fuli(富里)
The Church nearby Fuli station.(基督長老教會富里教會)
I heard it’s quite a beautiful so I skimmed it out. Plus, the mighty 7 was right there.
Orange Daylily(金針花). If you’d like to enjoy fascinating views, Sixty Rock Mountain(六十石山) will be your best chance. You would be enjoy the views as these graffitis.
• Luoshan(羅山)
Luoshan Recreation Area(羅山遊憩區)
The food was fairly good. Okra and Tofu(手工豆腐) which is the most popular Luoshan speciality, were nice. But the others are edible. Even so, I took the very nice materials though. It’s way better than just tourism guidelines. Basically rich and content in the book collection at the time. I skimmed out illrustrated books and history books about Huadong Valley area. It helped me a lot indeed. I came up with some ideas for my works and next travel.
A bit sorry Taiwanese Mandarin(Huayu) service only, even maps.
2. Taipei(台北)
Chicken Chinese Mushroom Radish Noodle Soup(香菇雞湯麵)
Kejia Salted Egg Tofu(客家金沙豆腐)
One of nice ideas to eat nice Kejia food with fresh twists. Also, quite a nice Franchise Restaurant. Great value, excellent customer experience, good iconic interior and remarkable dishes. Plus, usually big menu.
Overall, Zhongshan branch would be the best idea in every repect.
And sugar free Lemon Crème Brûlée one of my friends made.
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