01-AUG~17-OCT-18 (29) Kenting~Hengchun~Taitung 1. Kenting Forest Recreation Area…

(29) Kenting~Hengchun~Taitung
1. Kenting Forest Recreation Area(墾丁森林遊樂區)
Not that big, it provide a good 360° view.
You already can see the Chuanfan Rock and small coconut like mountain peak. Everything I saw in person, respectively, you just could skim it out in here.
2. Hengchun(恆春)
Natural ground fire. The local topography is made up of mudstone. There are many cracks in the mudstone through which natural gases are emitted. In the summer and fall, during the rainy season, these crack and crevies become filled with water. Spring and winter dry season will be the best for watching the ignition of natural gases.
Yes, it was a bad day. Bad bad weather😷… Still I saw little fire.
3. Taimali Township, Taitung County(台東縣太麻里鄉)
Duoliang station(多良火車站)
The station on uphill with nice ocean view. You could enjoy so called southeast coast view in this place. It’s one of well known Taitung East Coastline tourist spots. About 15 min from the highway.
Technically, It’s not a railway station now because it has a role as an observation deck. It would be a likely reason called the most beautiful railway station, as its name suggests. There were just few times of runs for tourists at the time, fortunately I took the good clip. I’ll upload it or a shot in the next post.
This former railway is located in Taimali township. Do you remember my posts about Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park? There were many suspension bridges quite unique pattern carved. I took the pictures about the bridge with the pattern of snakes and narrow jars. That’s based on the Chalami (Calavi) heritage.
Yes, as you already could seize, the Taimali Township is one of very well known Calavi indigenous cummunities for many people. There were noticeable symbolic signs in this place.
Lastly, It’s pretty much small. Besides, no good in accessibility. Because I was on the way to go Taipei, so just stopped by for a while, very simply. Considering that, it’s nice for me. If you have a time, probably it might be fine.
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