Hope having a nice day! . . My fiance and me both were not in the mood for eat o…

Hope having a nice day!
My fiance and me both were not in the mood for eat out, so that we decided to spend quality time at home. After we had a good morning Espresso and Latte respectively, we savored a nice afternoon tea for savory tooth. And then, we enjoyed a little Bachata Sensual time.
Now he’s working on preparation for a ‘perfect dinner’, as he said. Because it’s supposed I prepare the afternoon tea and he takes the charge of the dinner. Well, I’ll see. I’m going to appreciate a fascinating Classic Opera repertory(no typo. I did not mean normal Classical Opera songs. someone who got it wrong tried to teach me, I mean in the latest post, so I’d like to make it clear in this point.) for full version and the Leitmotive compiled version of a nice Musikdrama. Could I keep my right stance for music until dinner time?
This afternoon tea table was adjusted as to our liking. Both of us have no sweet tooth at all, so that all of those are made out of no added sugar version. Besides, not only each item but also an practical process was line with savory goodness. It would be likely to be a bit frugal compared to usual cases, but certainly best for us.
Besides with two kinds of tea(Verveine with fresh lemon, Coffee Berry with edible rose petal) and Espresso.
1. The first course
• The first sandwiches
Based on Taiwanese retro style sandwiches. One of the most popular brand is Hong Rui Zhen(洪瑞珍).
Made with Ricotta-Butter cream, paper thin steamed egg yolks, runny lemon curd, full fat cheddar cheese sliced and roasted turkey ham sliced seasoned with smoked paprika.
• The second one
Based on Taiwanese traditional Steamed Savory Cake(鹹蛋糕). Still this batch is mostly contemporary version, which means it’s a baked cake. Nothing like a Japanese Castella Cake(even Portuguese) or a common Génoise Sponge, anyway it’s likely to remind Taiwanese street food style Castella Cake. Fluffy but quite resilient. The richness of many egg yolks has a big role in flavor.
Made with egg white Meringue and turkey ham sliced seasoned with Chinese mushrooms, unsweetened soybean runny sauce and veggie broth.
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